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Condensate Return Systems

These systems are used wherever condensed steam can be collected for reuse in the boiler. A significant amount of energy can be saved by returning condensate to the boiler. The water returned is free of corrosive minerals and carries a substantial amount of heat that does not have to be replenished. A vacuum breaker is required whenever a condensate return system is used. A 3-Pole motor starter is required on 3Phase condensate systems.

• ES/SVS Condensate Return Systems For Low and Medium Pressure (150 psig Max.) - Each system consists of a condensate return tank, a motor and pump and support plumbing. A 1/2" inlet is located on the tank to accept make-up water.

A vent fitting is located on the condensate tank top for atmospheric air venting. The return fitting is to be plumbed to the trapped condensate return line coming from the process. The tank has a ball check valve internally mounted, and a float arm and float ball that serve mechanically allowing make-up water to enter the tank as the original supply is used. The pump discharge outlet is to be plumbed to the boiler check valve. The tank drain valve should be plumbed to a proper drain line. The motor is required to be wired to the boiler.